'18 Quarter 3: Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver Mayor

'18 Quarter 3: Kayvan Khalatbari for Denver Mayor

Due to personal reasons, Kayvan Khalatbari is ending his campaign and will no longer be running in this year's election. Thank you.

(Updated 10/03/18)

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Kayvan Mayor Denver Grassroots

Grassroots California has continued to stay true to our roots over the years. Giving back and working with charities and organizations we share similar ideas with continues to this day here at Grassroots. Starting in 2016 our Charity program shifted to a new structure. Every quarter we select a different organization to sponsor and donate to them a portion of our web sales for the quarter. Quarter 3 of 2018, we are proud to work with Kayvan Khalatbari and contribute to his campaign for Mayor of Denver 2019.

Just looking at his impressive resume on Wikipedia (which is almost more impressive than LinkedIn), one realizes just how accomplished Kayvan Khalatbari truly is, as a founding member of multiple successful businesses, advocacy groups, and initiatives for social change. The first thing he tells me about himself is how growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska as the son of Irani-immigrant and a Nebraska-native impacted his philosophy and inspired him to retire by age 35: he learned the importance of taking care of family and being financially secure from his mother who worked multiple jobs to support the family and always had a smile on her face. Graduating with a degree in architectural engineering at age 19, Kayvan moved to Denver with his brother shortly after looking to connect with local initiatives and organizations. They began working with Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) and helped decriminalize cannabis use in the city of Denver with hopes of decriminalizing at the state level. Their efforts are now models for states all across the country with hopes of decreasing alcohol consumption and advocating for state-regulated cannabis policy.

Kayvan Mayor Denver Grassroots

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Kayvan has been involved with numerous small businesses. Kayvan quit his engineering job on a whim to pursue “SexyPizza” a pizza company he started with his drug reform partners who were busy with decriminalization efforts. This was actually the first time Kayvan personally experienced homelessness, sleeping in tents, etc., putting all of his efforts into SexyPizza’s success. It soon became the home to “Sexpot Comedy”, a comedy show and consumption event held at the pizzeria which helped boost the company both socially and financially. The comedy club and pizzeria became hugely profitable, and was ultimately how Kayvan met the producers of Super Troopers: he was brought on to help fund the second film in the series, Super Troopers 2. Love Super Troopers? Grassroots California and Broken Lizard collaborated to create these official Super TroopersJohnny Chimpo, and Broken Lizard hats! Shop in stores or online at grassrootscalifornia.com.

Super Troopers 2 Grassroots Broken Lizard

While Kayvan is on track for success, it’s important to be active in your local community and vote! Need to register?
Register to vote in Denver now! Voters can vote by mail beginning 10/15 or vote in person starting at select polling centers as early as 10/15. Ballots must be received by 7pm on Election Day, 11/6. For more information, please call 720-913-VOTE or text 303-653-9668. Additionally, you can contribute to Kayvan’s campaign by volunteering your timepurchasing campaign apparel, or donating money: even a few dollars a month goes a long way! Kayvan sold SexyPizza to Willie Nelson back in 2016 and is hopeful that Potfest, the sequel to 
Beerfest, may be in the works with Willie soon! This quarter, Grassroots California will be donating to Kayvan’s campaign towards becoming the Mayor of Denver, Colorado. Kayvan’s mission is to use his skills to improve Denver’s local economy and social standard. His campaign is centered around creating housing opportunities for young families, creatives, and professionals so that all people in Denver can live in secure, peaceful, and dignified housing. Additionally, Kayvan is working to decriminalize all matters related to public health, including homelessness, drugs, and mental illness and provide free college opportunities and trade schools for all Denver Public School graduates. He advocates for personal grow ops and greener technology use and wants to stimulate a stronger local economy.

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