Grassroots Celebrates David Bowie

Grassroots Celebrates David Bowie

Grassroots California David Bowie

Some know him as "Ziggy Stardust", others know him as "David Bowie". Either identity, David Robert Jones remains one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

David Bowie Grassroots CaliforniaFrom his flamboyant fashion that made his glam rock era so iconic, to his eleven, number-one albums and countless pop-hits, this legend who took artistic expression to another level.  Inspired by jazz and rock-and-roll, Bowie studied art, music, and design but ultimately made his signature in his songs, dance, and outfits.  He started out by playing guitar at weddings and school functions and later took his talent to bigger stages playing with "The Manish Boys" & "The Lower Third", but ultimately, his solo career was the most successful. "He lived on his emotions, he was a wonderful influence," dancer Lindsay Kemp described in an interview, "His day-to-day life was the most theatrical thing I had ever seen, ever. It was everything I thought Bohemia probably was." 

Grassroots celebrates the legend known for singles "Heroes", "Space Oddity", and "Let's Dance" with a new collection in Bowie's honor.  For this collection, we incorporated symbols such as the Bowie lightning bolt and the Star of David Bowie, with loud, flashy colors, metallic and glitzy fabrics, and all that jazz for you to stunt in style! We're dropping 11 hats that range from everyday casual to glam rock stunners that will make heads turn for sure!  Just peep some of our favorites here:

David Bowie Grassroots Collection

This collection is now available for purchase at Please note, some styles will vary slightly than the pictures above. Please view the final collection in it's entirety here.

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