GRC's Live Stream Series Kick-Off

GRC's Live Stream Series Kick-Off

Grassroots California Live Stream Series

Grassroots California is bringing viewers a whole series of live streams featuring artists, creatives, and collectives in the music, arts, and wellness communities. This Corona-quarantine is no-joke and artists around the world are connecting with fans and followers online. Communities are uniting virtually and showing love through chats, comments, donations, and fundraisers. We're here for it and contributing a Grassroots-lineup on Facebook and Twitch! From DJ sets and art sessions to glass blowing, yoga workshops, and more, Grassroots California presents an entire series of live streams to bring some action to you at home!

Gwen Live Stream

We kick off our Live Stream Series Sunday, 4/12 at 12 MST / 2 EST with a Live Art session from Gwen AP Original Art. Gwen AP is a close friend of ours at GRC and is currently based in Ohio! She produced her own collaboration merch with us (Gwen AP's Owl Snapback) and recently had her work featured on the Disco Biscuits Octopus Snapback. Throughout Gwen’s life, art and music has been her inspiration, and at times her salvation. Gwen's creative process and live art production is as incredible as her finished products. Tune in to watch an incredible live art performance. RSVP here.

Free Yoga Meditation Live StreamWe're embracing Wellness Wednesday with Yoga and Meditation on Wednesday, April 15th. Certified, Chitown Yoga instructor, Emile Lisauskaite, will lead a beginner/intermediate-level yoga class with a guided meditation. Em has taught well over 1,000 hours of yoga and currently owns and operates Rising Lotus Healing Center. Em also led an incredible outdoor session at Grassroots Chicago this fall where we focused on grounding our energy, being present in the moment, and finding the bliss and positivity in being you. Her stream will begin promptly at 10am MST / 11am CST so get yoga mat ready and make sure you have enough space to stretch, relax, and focus on nothing but you. RSVP here.

Niche Glass Live Stream GrassrootsWe wouldn't be Grassroots without grass or glass, so next up on our channels will be glass-artist, Mitch Shallenburger, creator of Niche Glass! Mitch will take us on a visual journey celebrating the art of glass-blowing at his hometown workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado. From pendants to pipes, Mitch makes it all! Tune in Saturday, 4/18 at 4pm MST / 5pm CST to watch the process live and help support our homies in the Colorado Glass-blowing community! RSVP here.

Cassady Bell Grassroots Live StreamBicycle Day is 4/19 and we've got two artists to celebrate the psychedelic holiday with you! First up is Cassady Bell! You may remember his illusionary Grassroots hats and apparel are fan-favorites as were his neon pieces from his exhibit in our Movement Gallery. The fine-art and tattoo-artist based out of Portland will be taking over our stream on Sunday, April 19th at 4 MST / 3 PST. His work includes graphic and bold illusions with geometric schemes and abstract structures. As both a tattoo artist and painter, Cassady Bell's work is highly-recognizable on bodies, walls, and canvases. Using his own stencils and thoughtful contrast, Cassady will be creating some trippy artwork for us live. RSVP here. But don't log off after that! Take a bong-break or grab a quick snack because we've got another stream takeover right after!

John Speaker Grassroots Live StreamWe continue our trippy-far-out stream of live art at 6pm MST with some of the most vibrant, woke-artists you'll ever meet: John SpeakerJohn aims to "create art that wakes the viewer to unexpected and beautiful states of awareness" and that's exactly the vibe we need on Bicycle Day! As you're watching, consider "... when the brush hits the canvas, it's as if time stops and the artist is invited to sway harmoniously with the universe." And if the colors and paint strokes don't get you going, get lost some of his imagery: it's powerful, yet fun and light at the same time! This is a definitely a stream you won't want to miss! RSVP here.

And that's just Week 1 of our Live Stream Series! We've got some dope plans for 4/20 and another week of streams featuring Chris Dyer, KGB GlassIlly Wonka, and Guido Glass. We're also letting Mean Mug Music takeover our channels featuring four hours of DJs and VJs, so stay tuned for a complete schedule of streams and event pages. 

Stay positive, SproutFam! We're going to make the best of this Lockdown together!


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