Week 2 of Live Streams: Art, Glass, Music & Cannabis

Week 2 of Live Streams: Art, Glass, Music & Cannabis

Grassroots 420 SaleThank you to everyone who tuned in for Week 1 of Live Streams: we gained more than 60 new followers and had more than 2,400 views on Facebook & Twitch! With 4/20 on Monday, we're celebrating both our 11th anniversary and our favorite stoner holiday, so we're going BIG! Not only are we offering 30% off all purchases on our website, we're hosting daily streams with some of our favorite artists and cannabis enthusiasts! Here's an overview of this week's streams including our 420-special with three streams!

cannabis cooking class 420 chef roiltyApril 20th Cannabis-Infused Cooking Class:  Starting at 2pm MST is Chef Roilty, aka "The Michelin Stoner". He's High-Times' Top Cannabis chef and was previously featured on Bravo & CBS. With infused dishes like shrimp mac and cheese, to cashew chicken, roasted chicken, and poutine, the high-life has never tasted better! Get your weed-butter ready and cook along with GRC's first cooking show! We'll be making his 420-special: Stoner Nachos infused with cannabis! Recipe will be posted in the Event Page soon!

Aaron Brooks Grassroots 420April 20th Zoom Sesh with Aaron Brooks: Get your blunts, bongs, and bowls... At 4pm MST, we'll have a Zoom Virtual Sesh with Aaron Brooks! Get your webcams ready because you can partake by joining the Zoom Meeting, ask questions, and smoke with the squad. Set your alarms now so you're one of the first in Zoom! Only 100 participants will be allowed in the Zoom Sesh and the rest will need to watch the stream, but will be able to ask questions in chat! [Zoom join link will be posted in the event page on 4/20 before the session].

Matt Robertson Glass Grassroots 420April 20th Glass Blowing with Matt Robertson: After that, at 6pm MST, glass artist Matt Robertson is taking over our channel! Known for animated-giraffe glass and incredible animal pipes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. We'll get a tour of his at-home glass gallery and then jump into a live glass-blowing demo to see how he creates his prints and pipes!

Illy Wonka Grassroots Live StreamApril 22nd Wonka Wednesday with Illy Wonka & KVZ: Tune in for Wonka Wednesday! This Wednesday evening mini-series is curated by dubstep-duo, Illy Wonka, and colleague, KvZ. To start the evening proper, Alex from Illy Wonka will be leading "Mixing 101" at 7/8 CST. This is an entry-level beginner's class for DJing and mixing live using any general production software. After instruction, DJ KVZ will perform a live DJ Set from 8/9 CST followed by Alex & Shane from Illy Wonka going b2b at 9/10 CST & 10/11 CST!

KGB Glass Grassroots Live StreamApril 23rd Get Glazed with KGB Glass: At 6pm on Thursday, Brian Owoc of Portland, Maine is taking over our channels! Brian's baked over half a million donuts in his lifetime and turned his passion for donuts into one of the sweetest art forms our foodie- and canna-brains crave: donut glass! Back in 2001, Brian was on tour with Phish, baking at the local donut-shops, and learning to blow glass. He blew his first donut pipe in 2012 and is now known for his sprinkles, frosted, and jelly-filled donut dry bowls, water pipes, pendants, accessories, and more. Check out how he creates these donut-delights live!

Mean Mug Music Live Stream GrassrootsApril 24th MeanMugMusic's Takeover: Mean Mug Music is bringing us 4 hours of live music and visuals to keep your Friday night lively during lockdown! Brothers Kyle & Mark Hoffman have grown a network of talented friends, artists, and professionals and have been hosting live streams, shows, and events since 2018. Despite the current situation, they're making the best of times and bringing festival culture to us at home! Set times include Maroc Dubstep with Miller Grove Visuals at 8pm MST, then Treepeoh will perform live with Mad Mike's Visuals at 9pm MST. At 10pm MST, NotLö takes over with VJ Radiance visuals and finally, Benji Robot and DATA_BYTE give us the DJ-scratching set we're itching for!  Read more about Mean Mug Music's artists and mission here!

Chris Dyer Grassroots Live StreamApril 25th Kickin' It with Chris Dyer: We're hopping on a Zoom Sesh to kick it with Chris Dyer! Set your alarms and make sure you hop in this Zoom Meeting right at 2pm MST / 3pm CST! This exclusive hangout will be a great time to ask Chris questions about art, skating, surfing, world travel, spirituality, and more! We'll take our virtual hangs live to both Facebook and Twitch so even if you're not one of the first 100 to get in the Zoom Sesh, you can still chat and watch live! We'll post the Join Link in the Event Page just before we go live!

Joey Guido GlassApril 26th Joey Guido Glass: Meet Joey! A native of Lake Villa, Illinois, and a huge fan of Grassroots, Joey Guido moved to Spokane, Washington to learn the art of glass and is THRIVING! His takeover will include a proper look into his life as a glassblower! Guido Glass started officially on October 17, 2019, and has been growing since then! His FB community Guido Glass Gallery is just one way you can interact with Joey's glass brand.  Tune in Sunday at 7pm MST to see what he's been working on! 


Grassroots California New 420 SaleAside from all this excitement, we want to remind you to support our small-business and these artists by making a purchase on our site or making a donation to the artist directly! Viewers can use discount promo code "STREAM20" for 20% off purchases on days we're streaming but this discount will not be combined with other offers.  This week, we suggest taking advantage of 30% off sitewide and copping some of the newest merch! Check out our newest styles here.


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    Tara smith: April 25, 2020

    You guys rock your gear is phenomenal love all the colors and wonky patterns and your hats are to die for hope to see some new logo trucker style hats for chics in vibrant colors or visors or flex fit hats with hair holes on the top is that an option ……love u guys.

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