GRC's Final Four: SPDS & The Melty Bros

GRC's Final Four: SPDS & The Melty Bros

Grassroots March Madness Hat Tournament

It's been a grueling two weeks for sixteen hats competing in the Grassroots California 2021 Hat Tournament. According to Facebook analytics, we've reached over 529,000 followers and have had more than 5,300 people vote throughout the tournament so far! 

The Sweet Sixteen

The Sweet Sixteen matches reminded us just how cut-throat this tournament is! With a hat dropping each day, we eliminated eight top hats in just over a week's time. Fans were sad to see the Master Kush Snapback, Removable Bear Geo Triangles Hat, and the Mersiv Orange Fitted Hat drop in their first rounds, as well as the Tan Aspen Hat, Mugwort Silver Wolf, and Johnathan Singer Dragonlair Strapback.

The Elite Eight

The Elite Eight matches were just as brutal! The Touch of Class Camo Hat fell short in one of the largest splits we've ever seen, losing by 92%. Both SPDS V2 Wide-Brim hats fell behind their Blackout Fitted counterpart. One of the craziest matches we've seen to date was the Stanley Mouse Easy Rider hats vs. the Aaron Brooks Space Monkey hats. Aaron Brooks commented on IG that he would "respectfully bow out to Stanley Mouse" but the votes kept him in (literally by one vote at the end of the 24-hour voting period!). Clinton Reynold's Crossing the Gap hat turned heads on socials this week, but not enough to beat the hockey-inspired hat it lost to.

The Final Four

Which leaves us with the FINAL FOUR hats in this year's Hat Tournament! We're excited to present to you 2021's semi-finalists who will be competing in Games 13 and 14 on for a shot at the Finals!

Game 13 - April 1st, Noon MST

Grassroots Hat Tournament March Madness

Game 13 is all about the San Pedro Del Sol V2 Collection where Hat 1 battles Hat 2 for the SPDS-glory! Hat 1 is the SPDS V2 Black Rainbow Hat which comes in both a fitted and snapback. It's rainbow embroidery makes this hat a show-stopper! This is definitely one of our current best-sellers and most-liked hats on socials! But this week, it battles it's SPDS rival... The SPDS V2 Blackout Fitted Hat. It makes perfect sense that the Rainbow's opposite, the Blackout Fitted, will be challenging it for a spot at the finals! All Black hats are popular in the Grassroots Community, especially when they have detailing such as embroidery AND come as a Fitted. This will be a close match and produce a well-deserved winner for the championship game for sure!

Game 14 - April 2nd, Noon MST

Grassroots Hat Tournament March Madness

Game 14 features our top two artist collaborations and coincidentally, one of our most famous partnerships in our collections. The Melty Bros, Aaron Brooks and Vincent Gordon, go head to head in a battle-royale for a spot in the final championship! Both artists are know for some psychedelic, trippy-dippy art and have even worked together for some of GRC's best artist collabs including the MeltyBros Bulls, Cubs, Rick and Morty, and G-Sprout designs. The ABrooksArt Space Monkey EDM-inspired hats are dueling Vincent Gordon's Am-I-High hockey-inspired hats! We love both hats and both artists equally, so your votes decide which has a shot at being crowned 2021's Hat Champion!

The Final Championship

Game 15 will be the ultimate match determining this year's Championship Winner. We'll open voting for 48 hours starting on April 3rd at Noon MST. We'll combine totals on FB and Story Polls to make sure we have the most accurate data for determining this year's winner! Make sure you vote to help decide! Then on April 5th, we'll announce 2021's Best Hat and our contest winners: each will win a $100 Gift Cards and the winning hat!

Thank you to everyone who has voted, reacted, commented, or made a purchase during this year's tournament! Don't forget to use promo code "NCAA21" for 20% off the Tournament Hats! This promo ends April 5th!


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