Snowboard Season with Grassroots Colorado & Never Summer

Snowboard Season with Grassroots Colorado & Never Summer

Some pairings just make sense.

Chocolate and peanut butter. Jack and coke. Skydiving and parachutes.

So when the guys over at Never Summer (aka the makers of some of the most badass snowboards and wakeboards on the market) reached out about teaming up to promote all things related to the Colorado snowboard season, we jumped at the chance.

Why Never Summer? We have an answer for that.

If for some strange reason, you haven’t heard of Never Summer, they’re a brand you need to get to know.

Not only do they build and design some of the best snowboards ever to hit the market, they’ve been doing it since 1983. The designers at Never Summer know their stuff- because they’ve been perfecting their construction and design methods well before Shaun White was born.

Suffice to say, their years of commitment and dedication to all things snowboarding allows them to engineer some of the most durable, high-performance snowboards on the planet.

And, what makes these boards even more special is that they’re hand-made locally in Denver, Colorado. So these guys know what people need to shred up the side of a mountain.

All the reason to check out the 2018 snowboard we collaborated on to make for this winter's snowboard season. Our in house designer, Steven Poling, threw down and came up with a sick graphic for the top sheet which we like to call Smoke and Mirrors. This board is a Proto Type Two and only 30 boards were produced. We also collaborated on some hats for them this year! 

Ok, so I bought a Grassroots x Never Summer snowboard—what now?

There is a very, very easy answer to that question. You need something warm and functional to wear while you’re snowboarding.

This is where the Grassroots California apparel & accessories come in.

Our sweet-spot, so to speak, is designing apparel for people who want to be different and stand out. We sell a wide variety of accessories including have face maskssunglasses, earflap hats, beanies, and jackets. 

And clothes. Let’s not forget about the clothes.

If you need t-shirts, hoodies or flannels, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in the market for button ups, socks, crop tops, dresses, leggings or shorts, we’ve got you covered (Although, when it comes to gearing up for the mountain, we’d suggest leaving the crop tops, dresses and shorts at home.)

At Grassroots California we’re proud to offer our clients exclusive designs from some of the leading artists in the industry. We’re always on the lookout for new and upcoming artists and musicians, which allows us to create a full range of fresh, unique apparel.

This snowboard season, we invite you to join us in the harmonious matrimony comes with combining Never Summer snowboards with Grassroots California hats, apparel and accessories.

We can hook you up with all of your on-the-mountain equipment needs—and we can help you look good while you’re doing it.  And, when you’re back at the cabin (or at the lodge), unwinding from the day, we can help you look good there, too.

From Happy Trip crew necks, to embroidered t-shirts, to reversible hoodies and more, check out our online store to learn why Grassroots California is the top choice for all of your snowboarding apparel needs.

Or, if you prefer to come see us in person, be sure to stop by our Denver, Colorado flagship store.


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