All Things Aaron Brooks

All Things Aaron Brooks

It’s been a hot minute since our last update from Aaron Brooks, one of our all time favorite local artists and GRC connoisseurs. Aaron’s most recent local collaboration includes the art and aesthetics for a new product line from EndoCanna, an award winning concentrate company based out of Denver. The new product is called “Alien Rock Crystals,” a terpene rich sauce with THC-A diamonds. I came across the collaboration a few weeks ago and simply had to reach out to Aaron and ask about his involvement with the project. Make sure you get a chance to check out the awesome Alien Rock Crystal artwork, and mark your calendars for April 19th to come party with Aaron and the Grassroots Fam! Check our Facebook for more information & details! 

Above Photo: @peakdispensarydenver 


GRC: Tell us a little bit about the collaboration and what the release entails!

Aaron Brooks:  The endocanna crew have been growing this ARC (Alien Rock Candy) and preparing for an epic sauce drop. I was lucky enough to be asked to bring some extra life to the boxes that the individual grams will come in. Each box of the limited edition sauce includes my artwork as well as a black and white hat pin. There’s also 150 colored hat pins which come with a signed and numbered print of my work. Whoever is lucky enough to buy the “golden ticket” box will receive an original 24x36 inch canvas of mine! As far as inspiration is concerned, I just tried to imagine some type of alien getting high on mars.

GRC: Have you had a chance to try the new sauce? What kind of flower do you prefer to smoke while working or live painting?

Aaron Brooks: “I have tried the product over and over again and it gets me blasted everytime! Amazing flavor, extreme gas, and keeps me going all night. While I’m working I prefer sativa for sure, mostly because I smoke a lot while I paint and draw, so indicas just make feel a little too relaxed. I don't like picking favorites because at night when I’m throwing in the towel, nothing beats an indica. My favorite strain would probably be Jilly-13 ( jilly bean x HP13) and for indicas I love anything with Kimbo! I’m also a sucker for anything cheese or crossed with cheese!”

GRC: What kind of music do you listen to while you paint?

Aaron Brooks: “I probably paint to the dead more than anything, but music plays a huge role for me. My work heavily reflects what music I’m listening to and vise versa. I’m very influenced by music throughout my day to day life as well.”

GRC: Speaking of the dead, how stoked are you for Bicycle Day next month?

Aaron Brooks: Bicycle Day!!!! What a day. My belief is that yes of course, it's a great tribute to get silly and ride your bike to the best of your abilities. But I feel like the Bicycle Day concept is different for everyone. I feel like its a day to appreciate LSD, and do the thing you love! I will be enjoying my upcoming bicycle day at GRC ( Colorado ) headquarters; painting, dabbing, dancing, I don’t know what more I could ask for!! I fucking love you all!



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